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EMBO J. 1986 Oct;5(10):2681-7.

Nuclease hypersensitive regions with adjacent positioned nucleosomes mark the gene boundaries of the PHO5/PHO3 locus in yeast.


The chromatin structure of two tandemly linked acid phosphatase genes (PHO5 and PHO3) from Saccharomyces cerevisiae was analyzed under conditions at which the strongly regulated PHO5 gene is repressed. Digestion experiments with DNase I, DNase II, micrococcal nuclease and restriction nucleases reveal the presence of five hypersensitive sites at the PHO5/PHO3 locus, two of them upstream of PHO5 at distances of 920 and 370 bp, one in between the two genes and two downstream of PHO3. Specifically positioned nucleosomes are located next to these hypersensitive sites as shown by indirect end-labeling experiments. The positions deduced from these experiments could be verified by monitoring the accessibility of various restriction sites to the respective nucleases. Sites within putative linker regions were about 50-60% susceptible, whereas sites located within nucleosome cores were resistant. Hybridizing micrococcal nuclease digests to a probe from in between the two upstream hypersensitive sites leads to an interruption of an otherwise regular nucleosomal DNA pattern. This shows directly that these hypersensitive sites represent gaps within ordered nucleosomal arrays.

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