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Virology. 1986 Nov;155(1):77-88.

Cloning full-length dengue type 4 viral DNA sequences: analysis of genes coding for structural proteins.


DNA sequences (approximately 11,000 nucleotides) representing the full-length genome of the dengue virus type 4 were cloned. The sequence of the first 2,429 nucleotides at the 5' terminus which includes the coding region for the structural proteins is presented. The virion structural proteins are encoded in one long open reading frame specifying a polyprotein precursor which is apparently proteolytically cleaved by a mechanism resembling that proposed for expression of structural proteins of other flaviviruses such as yellow fever (YF) and West Nile (WN) viruses. The N terminus for each of the dengue virus structural proteins was tentatively assigned by homology alignment to the corresponding sequence of YF or WN virus. Comparison of sequence homology of structural proteins suggests that dengue virus is more closely related to WN virus than to YF virus or Murray Valley encephalitis virus. Finally, analysis of the extreme 5'- and 3'-terminal nucleotides of the dengue virus genome revealed sequences that may be involved in transcription, replication, and packaging of viral RNA.

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