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EMBO J. 1986 Aug;5(8):1857-63.

Molecular characterisation of a hypervariable region downstream of the human alpha-globin gene cluster.


We have characterised an unusual, highly polymorphic region of DNA located 8-kb downstream of the human alpha-globin gene complex. This hypervariable region (alpha-globin 3' HVR) is composed of an array of 17-bp tandem repeats, the number of which differs considerably (70-450) from one allele to another. The sequence of the 17-bp repeats is highly conserved within and between alleles. Furthermore, this sequence identifies a core oligonucleotide [5'-GNGGGG(N)ACAG-3'] that is common to three previously characterised hypervariable regions. At reduced stringency, a probe to the 3' HVR detects a new family of multiallelic loci that will be of value in the study of human genetics.

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