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J Neurol Sci. 1986 Aug;75(1):113-9.

Mechanism of phagocytosis by Schwann cells.


33B rat Schwannoma cell line is known to exhibit phagocytic properties analogous to those of normal Schwann cells. The mechanism of phagocytosis by this cell line was investigated by studying the effect of known modulators of phagocytosis on the uptake of latex particles by these cells. Treatments which block energy production of the host cell, such as incubation at 4 degrees C and treatment with sodium azide, markedly inhibited the phagocytosis of latex particles by these cells. Phagocytosis was dose-dependently, and completely, inhibited by cytochalasin B, demonstrating an important role of microfilaments. Colchicine produced a minor inhibition of phagocytosis only at the highest concentration (10(-3) M) tested, suggesting that intact microtubules are not crucial for latex phagocytosis. Dibutyryl cyclic AMP was without any effect on the phagocytosis. Thus, latex phagocytosis by rat Schwannoma cells is an active, energy-dependent process requiring intact microfilaments with only a minor dependence on microtubules.

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