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EMBO J. 1986 Jul;5(7):1567-75.

Structure of the IgG-binding regions of streptococcal protein G.


The gene encoding the IgG-binding protein G from Streptococcus G148 was isolated by molecular cloning. A subclone containing a 1.5-kb insert gave a functional product in Escherichia coli. Protein analysis of affinity-purified polypeptides revealed two gene products, both smaller than protein G spontaneously released from streptococci, but with identical IgG-binding properties. The complete nucleotide sequence of the insert revealed a repeated structure probably evolved through duplications of fragments of different sizes. The deduced amino acid sequence revealed an open reading frame extending throughout the insert, terminating in a TAA stop codon. Analysis of the two gene products by N-terminal amino acid determination suggests that two different TTG codons are recognized in E. coli for initiation of translation to yield the two products. Based on these results several truncated gene constructions were expressed and analysed. The results suggest that the C-terminal part of streptococcal protein G consists of three IgG-binding domains followed by a region which anchors the protein to the cell surface. Structural and functional comparisons with streptococcal M protein and staphylococcal protein A have been made.

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