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Plasmid. 1986 Jul;16(1):30-6.

Location and cloning of the ultraviolet-sensitizing function from the chromosomally associated IncJ group plasmid, R391.


The IncJ plasmid R391, which specifies a uv-sensitizing function, has been shown to be associated with chromosomal DNA. Deletions originating from Tn10 insertion into the kanamycin-resistance determinant of plasmid R391 gave rise to uv-resistant derivatives. This apparent linkage between the kanamycin-resistance determinant and the uv-sensitizing gene(s) was used to clone the uv-sensitizing function from plasmid R391 into pUR222. A recombinant plasmid containing both functions (KanR and Uvs+) was obtained. The uv-sensitizing function was mapped to a 4-kb EcoRI fragment.

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