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Avian Dis. 1986 Jan-Mar;30(1):221-3.

Reversion to virulence of chicken-passaged infectious bronchitis vaccine virus.


Serial passage of two infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) vaccine strains in chickens enhanced their capacity to increase the incidence and severity of Mycoplasma synoviae (MS) airsacculitis. Included in this report were the mild Massachusetts-type Connaught strain and the Arkansas 99 vaccine strain of IBV. The Connaught strain and one of two Ark 99 vaccine strains passaged in chickens increased the incidence of airsacculitis markedly compared with nonpassaged virus. The other Ark 99 vaccine virus already exacerbated MS airsacculitis, before passage in chickens, and its influence did not increase on passage. All IBV strains studied to date have either possessed this trait or reacquired it on passage in the natural host.

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