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Life Sci. 1986 Jun 23;38(25):2269-76.

Inositol phosphates turnover, cytosolic Ca++ and pH: putative signals for the control of cell growth.


The signals that induce a cell to divide are usually external and in the form of a binding of growth factors. We focussed our attention in defining the sequence of events which occurs after the binding of the mitogens to their surface receptors. One of the early membrane events stimulated by growth factors is a Na+ flux coupled to a H+ efflux that is typically inhibited by amiloride. The importance of this event and of the consequent cytoplasmic alkalinization for the cell proliferation is discussed. Recent data indicate that mitogens increase intracellular Ca++ levels and activate protein kinase C by inducing the hydrolysis of membrane phosphoinositides. A role for Ca++ and protein kinase C in activating Na+/H+ A role for Ca++ and protein kinase C in activating Na+/H+ exchange system is discussed. Finally a model is presented that illustrates the first membrane events stimulated by the growth factors. The model reveals an intimate interconnections between phosphoinositide metabolism, cytosolic Ca++ rise, protein kinase C and cytoplasmic alkalinization.

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