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EMBO J. 1986 May;5(5):1087-90.

Cloning of the regulatory gene areA mediating nitrogen metabolite repression in Aspergillus nidulans.


The areA gene, which mediates nitrogen metabolite repression in the fungus Aspergillus nidulans, lies sufficiently close to a telomere that no indispensable gene can be distal to it. We were able therefore to exploit the existence of a near terminal pericentric inversion to devise a method for cloning areA plus the region beyond it towards the telomere. In crosses heterozygous for this inversion a class of duplication-deficient progeny lacking areA and the region centromere-distal to it is obtained. We, therefore, sought clones from an A. nidulans gene library in lambda Charon 4 able to hybridize to total genomic DNA from a wild-type strain but not to that from a duplication-deficiency strain. A clone, containing an 11.6-kb insert, which hybridised weakly to duplication-deficiency DNA, overlapped chromosome breakpoints of three different aberration-associated areA alleles and was able to transform an areA mutant to areA+. Southern blotting and genetic analysis established that the transforming sequence had integrated in the region centromere distal to areA. The cloning method yielded other clones from the region centromere-distal to areA which were used to show that the translocation associated with a mutant areA allele is reciprocal rather than non-reciprocal, a fact which could not be established by classical genetics. Finally, analysis of the cloned portion of the dispensable region centromere-distal to areA indicates that this region contains at least 0.5% of the A. nidulans genome.

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