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Cell. 1986 Jul 18;46(2):191-9.

Two human 35 kd inhibitors of phospholipase A2 are related to substrates of pp60v-src and of the epidermal growth factor receptor/kinase.


We have purified two 35 kd phospholipase A2 inhibitors from human placenta, which we refer to as lipocortin I and II. Both proteins exhibit similar biochemical properties and occur in placenta at about 0.2% of the total protein. By peptide mapping, sequence, and immunological analyses, we show that lipocortin I and the 35 kd substrate for the EGF-receptor/kinase from A431 cells are the same protein. By similar criteria, we determine that lipocortin II is the human analogue of pp36, a major substrate for pp60src, which has been characterized in chicken embryo fibroblasts and in bovine brush border preparations. The amino acid sequences of lipocortin I and II that we deduced from cDNA clones share 50% homology, indicating that they probably evolved from a common gene.

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