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Mol Gen Genet. 1986 Feb;202(2):194-9.

Molecular analysis of mutant ompR genes exhibiting different phenotypes as to osmoregulation of the ompF and ompC genes of Escherichia coli.


Expression of the ompF and ompC genes coding for major outer membrane proteins is osmoregulated by solutes, such as sucrose and NaCl, in the growth medium. The OmpR protein, a positive regulator of these genes, is involved in the osmoregulation (Dairi et al. 1985; Nara et al. 1984). In the present work, five mutant ompR genes exhibiting different phenotypes of osmoregulation were cloned and sequenced. Three of them, ompR1, ompR2 and ompR20, were previously isolated mutants. The others, ompR3 and ompR4, were isolated in the present work. The ompR1 mutation resulted in the deletion of 19 amino acids near the C-terminus of the OmpR protein. The ompR3 and ompR4 mutations resulted in Arg15 to Cys and Arg71 to Thr conversions, respectively, at the N-terminal portion, whereas the ompR20 and ompR2 mutations resulted in Arg150 to Cys and Val207 to Met conversions, respectively, at the C-terminal portion. Based on these results, the structure and function of the OmpR protein are discussed in relation to the mechanism of osmoregulation.

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