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Diabetes Res. 1986 Feb;3(2):91-6.

Reduced glycemic response to beet-fibre meal in non-insulin-dependent diabetics and its relation to plasma levels of pancreatic and gastrointestinal hormones.


Standardized breakfasts with or without beet-fibre were given, in random order, to non-insulin-dependent diabetics. The blood glucose levels were monitored continuously and hormonal responses were determined at regular intervals for 3 hr. After the beet-fibre breakfast including 10.8 g dietary fibre from the sugar beet, the glucose plateau level and the area below the curve were lower than after the control meal. The rate of glucose decrease was also slower after the beet-fibre meal. There were no notable differences with regard to the plasma levels of insulin, C-peptide or glucagon. The gastric inhibitory polypeptide response was greater during the first part of the curve, while the somatostatin response after the beet-fibre meal displayed a significantly larger total area below the curve. The results suggest that the diminished glycemic response after the beet-fibre meal is associated with an increased response of somatostatin, giving a reduced glucose absorption and a delayed gastrointestinal transit time.

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