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Virology. 1986 May;151(1):124-30.

The nucleotide sequence and genome organization of human papilloma virus type 11.


The complete nucleotide sequence of human papilloma virus type 11 (HPV11) DNA (7931 bp) was determined. HPV11 DNA which has been isolated from laryngeal papillomas and from genital warts (condylomata acuminata) shows a high degree of sequence homology to HPV6b (82%). The arrangement of open reading frames is very similar to HPV6b, the homology of the deduced amino acid sequences varies between 58 and 92%. Characteristic features of the noncoding region between the L1 and E6 open reading frames is an AT-rich domain of about 200 bp with extended stretches of alternating thymine-purine bases and a 12-bp inverted repeat element ACCG NNNN CGGT arranged in tandem upstream of the putative early promoter TATA box.

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