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Virology. 1986 Apr 15;150(1):308-12.

Complete nucleotide sequence of the matrix protein mRNA of vesicular stomatitis virus (New Jersey serotype).


The complete nucleotide sequence of the mRNA of the matrix (M) protein of vesicular stomatitis virus [New Jersey serotype, VSV(NJ)] was derived from a cDNA clone and mRNA. The mRNA is 758 nucleotides long (excluding polyadenylic acid) and encodes a protein of 229 amino acids. The predicted amino acid sequence was compared with that of the corresponding protein of Indiana serotype [VSV(IND)] and a fish rhabdovirus, spring viremia of carp virus (SVCV). An amino acid identity of 62% was found between the M proteins of VSV(NJ) and VSV(IND) while only 24% was present between VSV(NJ) and SVCV. A highly basic NH2-terminal domain followed by a proline-proline-X-tyrosine sequence was present in all the three M polypeptides. Except for the L gene sequence, the complete nucleotide sequence of the four genes of VSV(NJ) are now known. The comparison of the amino acid sequences between the Indiana and New Jersey serotypes demonstrates a high degree of homology between these genes except for the phosphoprotein gene, NS.

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