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J Virol. 1986 Mar;57(3):1037-47.

Ecotropic and mink cell focus-forming murine leukemia viruses integrate in mouse T, B, and non-T/non-B cell lymphoma DNA.


Structures of somatically acquired murine leukemia virus (MuLV) genomes present in the DNA of a large panel of MuLV-induced C57BL and BALB/c B and non-T/non-B cell lymphomas were compared with those present in MuLV-induced T-cell lymphomas induced in the same low-"spontaneous"-lymphoma-incidence mice. Analyses were performed with probes specific for the gp70, p15E, and U3-long terminal repeat (LTR) regions of ecotropic AKV MuLV and a mink cell focus-forming virus (MCF)-LTR probe annealing with U3-LTR sequences of a unique endogenous xenotropic MuLV, which also hybridizes with U3-LTR sequences of a substantial portion of somatically acquired MCF genomes in spontaneous AKR thymomas. The DNAs of both T- and B-cell tumors induced by neonatal inoculation with the highly oncogenic C57BL-derived MCF 1233 virus predominantly contain integrated MCF proviruses. In contrast, the DNAs of more slowly developing B and non-T/non-B cell lymphomas induced by poorly oncogenic ecotropic or MCF C57BL MuLV isolates mostly contain somatically acquired ecotropic MuLV genomes. Approximately 50% of the spontaneous C57BL lymphoma DNAs contain somatically acquired MuLV genomes. None of the integrated MuLV proviruses annealed with the MCF-LTR probe, which indicates a clear difference in LTR structure with a substantial portion of the somatically acquired MuLV genomes present in the DNA of spontaneous AKR thymomas. This study stresses a dominant role of MuLV with ecotropic gp70 and LTR sequences in the development of slowly arising MuLV-induced B and non-T/non-B cell lymphomas.

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