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EMBO J. 1985 Dec 1;4(12):3153-7.

Molecular cloning of S-protein, a link between complement, coagulation and cell-substrate adhesion.


cDNA clones coding for human S-protein have been isolated using monoclonal antibodies to screen a cDNA library in pEX. These clones are shown to be authentic S-protein clones on the basis of sequence, composition and immunological criteria. The complete open reading frame sequence for S-protein has been determined and shows it to be a single polypeptide chain of 459 amino acids preceded by a cleaved leader peptide of 19 residues. No evidence was found for polymorphism of S-protein suggesting that different molecular weight forms arise by proteolytic degradation. Of the first 44 amino-terminal residues 42 are identical with the so-called somatomedin B peptide suggesting that S-protein is the somatomedin B precursor. Striking homology is found in the rest of the sequence with the serum spreading factor, vitronectin, which has also been shown to contain somatomedin B sequences at its amino terminus. We conclude that S-protein and vitronectin are identical and discuss the relevance of this finding to the coagulation and complement pathways.

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