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J Mol Evol. 1985;22(4):316-22.

Evolution of Alu family repeats since the divergence of human and chimpanzee.


The DNA sequences of three members of the Alu family of repeated sequences located 5' to the chimpanzee alpha 2 gene have been determined. The base sequences of the three corresponding human Alu family repeats have been previously determined, permitting the comparison of identical Alu family members in human and chimpanzee. Here we compare the sequences of seven pairs of chimpanzee and human Alu repeats. In each case, with the exception of minor sequence differences, the identical Alu repeat is located at identical sites in the human and chimpanzee genomes. The Alu repeats diverge at the rate expected for nonselected sequences. Sequence conversion has not replaced any of these 14 Alu family members since the divergence between chimpanzee and human.

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