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Folia Morphol (Warsz). 2018 Jul 16. doi: 10.5603/FM.a2018.0053. [Epub ahead of print]

Examination of ınclinations in spine at childhood and adolescence stage.

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Spine is a column that consists of consecutively lined up vertebras. It includes medulla spinalis. It contributes the motions of head, neck and body. Spine is not a straight column. It figures a convexity towards the front of the spine (lordosis) at cervical and lumbal areas in adults. It also figures a convexity towards the back of the spine (kyfosis) at thoracic and sacral spine area. In this study, lateral MRI images of 731 children between 1-16 years old were examined and their cervical lordosis, thoracic kyfosis and lumbal lordosis angles were measured with Cobb method using ImageJ program for every age group. The mean calculated cervical lordosis angles in 1-16 years old children were found 20.51º±6.11 (minimum 17.96º±6.29, maximum 23.50º±4.14). It has been observed that cervical angle value decrease with age. The mean thoracic kyfosis angle measurement was found 28.71º±6.99 (minimum 24.55º±5.65, maximum 30.44º±4.68). Lumbal lordosis angle was measured 28.08º±7.39 (minimum 20.36º±6.59, maximum 32.68º±6.03). Thoracic kyfosis and lumbal lordosis angle values increase with age. In our study, a statistical difference was found in increasing thoracic kyfosis angle between 1 year old group and 14 years old group. Statistically difference was also found in decreasing cervical lordosis angle value between 1 year old group and 16 years old group. When we compare our study results with literature values, cervical lordosis values were similar but lumbal lordosis values were lower. In a result, we think that knowing sagittal plane inclinations developing in childhood and adolescence stages will contribute determination of pathologies earlier. We also hope that it will contribute clinical stages and other studies in this field.


kyphosis; lordosis; radiography; spine

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