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Brain Res. 1985 Dec 16;359(1-2):147-51.

Effects of status epilepticus on extracellular amino acids in the hippocampus.


Extracellular amino acids were followed in the hippocampus during sustained seizures induced by systemic administration of kainic acid (KA) or bicuculline (BC). KA epilepsy was associated with marked increases in phosphoethanolamine (PEA) and taurine. Alanine and ethanolamine were moderately raised while other amino acids were unaffected. BC seizures encompassed a slightly different pattern of alterations. In contrast to KA seizures, BC epilepsy had no effect on taurine. Significant increments were observed for PEA and alanine while elevations of ethanolamine were subtle. In both types of seizures, glutamate and GABA remained unaffected extracellularly, probably due to efficient recapture mechanisms.

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