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Bing Du Xue Bao. 2016 Nov;32(6):707-12.

[The Epidemiology and Etiology Characteristics of Hand-foot-mouth Disease in Chongqing, China,2014~2015].

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In this study, the epidemiology of Hand-foot-mouth disease(HFMD)composition of enterovirus (EV) pathogen and VP1 coding gene of Enterovirus A71(EV-A71)were analyzed in Chongqing from 2014 to 2015,to provide a scientific basis for strategies of prevention and control of HFMD in Chongqing. It is reported that there were a total of 100,176 cases of HFMD, of which 284 cases of severe,37 cases of death in Chongqing.39counties(autonomous counties)of Chongqing have reported cases, and the urbans reported incidence rate(298.83/100,000)was significantly higher than the suburbs(103.37/100,000),children 3and under 3years old accounted for 83.21%%,and 5and under 5years old accounted for 95.64%of reported cases, the big peak of epidemics of HFMD was from April to July and the small peak took shape from October to November. Severe cases(96.83%)and deaths(100%)were concentrated in the age group of 5years old and below. The severe cases were mainly in the three districts, WanZhou District, Liangping County and FuLing District, accounting for 74.65% of reported cases, and death cases were widely distributed, scattered in 17 counties.7503nucleic acid of clinical specimens of HFMD were detected, suggested that EV-A71,CV-A16,non-EV-A71/CV-A16 of other EV accounted for 23.54%,33.21%,43.25% respectively,Non-EV-A71/ CV-A16 of other EV became the dominant pathogen of HFMD in Chongqing, but EV-A71 was still the dominant pathogen in severe and death cases. The results showed that 54 strains belonged to C4a and one strain belonged to B5 in the analyses of the VP1 sequences of 55 strains during2014-2015 in Chongqing. This study provides important epidemiological and etiological data for HFMD prevention and control strategies and reduction of severe and death caused by EV-A71 in Chongqing.

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