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Exp Cell Res. 1985 Dec;161(2):434-44.

Large T antigen-rich viral DNA replication loci in SV40-infected monkey kidney cells.


The nuclear distribution of the large T antigen (T-Ag) during lytic infection of CV1 monkey kidney cells with SV40 virus was studied by immunoelectron microscopy. The viral protein was associated with the cellular chromatin and also accumulated within a small number of clearly delimited areas of the nucleoplasm. These T-Ag-rich areas were devoid of viral particles but contain 3-10 nm DNA filaments in an amorphous matrix. We have named these areas 'viral DNA/T-Ag loci.' The combination of the immunostaining for T-Ag with ultrastructural autoradiography revealed that these viral DNA/T-Ag loci were the sites of active SV40 DNA synthesis. We suggest that the viral DNA/T-Ag loci may represent definite structural domains specifically involved in viral DNA replication regulated by SV40-T antigen.

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