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EMBO J. 1985 Aug;4(8):2135-41.

Definition of three resolvase binding sites at the res loci of Tn21 and Tn1721.


The dual functions of resolvase, site-specific recombination and the regulation of its own expression from tnpR, both require the interaction of this protein with the DNA sequence at res, but the specificity of this interaction differs between groups of Tn3-like elements. In this study, DNA fragments that contained res from Tn21 or Tn1721 were subjected to either cleavage by DNase I or methylation by dimethyl sulphate in the presence of the purified resolvase from Tn21 or Tn1721. These experiments showed that each resolvase bound to the same three sites (I, II and III) within res from Tn1721 and to an equivalent series of three sites on Tn21: the differences in the amino acid sequences of the two proteins did not affect their interaction with either DNA. The DNA sequences at each site had some similarities and, in conjunction with data from the related transposon Tn501, a consensus was established. However, the three sites are functionally distinct: site I (tnpR-distal) spans the recombination cross-over point and sites II and III (tnpR-proximal) overlap the promoter of tnpR. The binding sites on these transposons were compared with those in the gamma delta/Tn3 system: the similarities between the two groups of transposons revealed some general features of resolvase-DNA interactions while the differences in fine structure elucidated the specificity of each resolvase.

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