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Cell. 1985 Oct;42(3):799-808.

Chromatin reconstituted from tandemly repeated cloned DNA fragments and core histones: a model system for study of higher order structure.


We describe a model system for study of chromatin structure at levels above that of the nucleosome. A series of fragments with lengths ranging from 172 to 207 bp tandemly repeated three to greater than 50 times was prepared; each repeat contains the region important in forming a positioned core particle on a sea urchin 5S rRNA gene upon in vitro association with histones. The tandemly repeated sequences can be studied as linear DNA fragments or as relaxed or supercoiled circular molecules. A number of criteria indicate that nucleosomes position correctly on all the tandemly repeated elements. Measurement of the change in linking number per core particle led to a value of -1.0. Both length and repeat number dependent changes in conformation of the nucleoproteins are observed. We discuss the possibility that some ordered higher level chromatin structure can form with DNA and core histones alone.

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