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Mol Gen Genet. 1985;200(3):385-92.

Analysis of the flanking regions from different haemolysin determinants of Escherichia coli.


The haemolysin (hly) determinant of the plasmid pHly152 contains an IS2 element at 469 bp upstream of the hlyC gene. The sequence at the other (right-hand) end (RS) also shows multiple hybridization with the plasmid pHly152 and the chromosome of some Escherichia coli strains but the nucleotide sequence of this region does not reveal the typical properties of an IS element. Similar arrangements in the regions flanking the hly determinant are also found on various Hly plasmids from uropathogenic E. coli strains. Chromosomal hly determinants lack both flanking sequences (IS2 and RS) in the immediate vicinity of the hly genes. The sequences immediately upstream of the hlyC gene have been determined from several chromosomal hly determinants and compared with the corresponding sequence of the hly determinant of the plasmid pHly152. We show that these sequences, which contain one promoter (left promoter, phlyL) in all hly determinants tested, vary considerably although common sequence elements can still be identified. In contrast, only relatively few nucleotide exchanges have been detected in the adjacent structural hlyC genes. The A + T content of the 200 bp sequence upstream of hlyC is very high (72 mol% A + T) but even the structural hly genes show a considerably higher A + T content (about 60 mol%) than the E. coli chromosome on average (50 mol% A + T) suggesting that the hly determinant may not have originated in E. coli.

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