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J Med Pract Manage. 2016 Sep;32(2):86-91.

The Relationship Between Work Relative Value Unit Awareness and Work Relative Value Unit Accumulation Among Physicians.


This was a retrospective, cross-sectional study to determine whether a relationship exists between work relative value unit(wRVU) awareness and wRVU accumulation among faculty physicians. Physician wRVU awareness was obtained by a distributed survey to faculty physicians in early 2016. wRVU accumulation was pulled from a faculty productivity database. Productivity data from FY14-FY15 was used to determine wRVU accumulation relative to each respondent's specialty-specific benchmark. Data were analyzed to investigate the nature, of the relationship between awareness and accumulation. The analysis showed that physicians with above-average awareness were significantly more likely to surpass their wRVU benchmark when compared to physicians with below-average awareness. Additionally, wRVU awareness accounted for a significant percentage of the variation in wRVU output. Considering the financial importance of wRVU generation for healthcare organizations, there is a need to devote more time and resources to developing physician awareness of wRVUs.

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