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Mol Gen Genet. 1985;200(2):220-8.

The DNA sequence of the gene for the secreted Bacillus subtilis enzyme levansucrase and its genetic control sites.


We present the sequence of a 2 kb fragment of the Bacillus subtilis Marburg genome containing sacB, the structural gene of levansucrase, a secreted enzyme inducible by sucrose. The peptide sequence deduced for the secreted enzyme is very similar to that directly determined by Delfour (1981) for levansucrase of the non-Marburg strain BS5. The peptide sequence is preceded by a 29 amino acid signal peptide. Codon usage in sacB is rather different from that in the sequenced genes of other secreted enzymes in B. subtilis, especially alpha-amylase. Genetic evidence has shown that the sacB promotor is rather far from the beginning of sacB (200 bp or more). The 200 bp region preceding sacB shows some of the features of an attenuator. A preliminary discussion of the putative workings and roles of this attenuator-like structure is proposed. sacRc mutations, which allow constitutive expression of levansucrase, have been located within the 450 bp upstream of sacB. It is shown that sacRc and sacR+ alleles control in cis the expression of the adjacent sacB gene.

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