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Mol Gen Genet. 1985;200(1):1-8.

Organization of the MAL loci of Saccharomyces. Physical identification and functional characterization of three genes at the MAL6 locus.


We have physically and functionally identified three genes at the MAL6 locus of Saccharomyces carlsbergensis. Using multicopy yeast plasmid vectors, we have subcloned various segments of the entire MAL6 locus. The functional characterization of the MAL6 subcloned regions was determined by (1) analyzing biochemically the levels of MAL-encoded proteins (maltase [alpha-D-glucosidase, E.C.] and maltose transport protein) in cells transformed with various MAL6 subclones, and (2) testing the ability of the subclones to complement the maltose fermentation defects of well characterized Mal- mutants in the highly homologous MAL1 locus. The physical homology between MAL6 and MAL1 is in part demonstrated by the gene disruption of MAL1 using subcloned MAL6 DNA sequences. The results demonstrate that the MAL6 locus is a complex of at least three genes: MAL6R, MAL6T and MAL6S. These genes specify, respectively, a regulatory function, a maltose transport activity (presumably the maltose permease) and the structural gene for maltase. The functional organization of the MAL6 locus is thus identical to that which we had previously determined by mutational analysis for the MAL1 locus.

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