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Cell. 1985 Sep;42(2):581-8.

Activation of a novel human transforming gene, ret, by DNA rearrangement.


A novel transforming gene was detected by transfection of NIH 3T3 cells with human lymphoma DNA. The tumor DNA induced a single focus in primary transfections, whereas DNAs of transformed NIH cells induced transformation with high efficiencies in secondary and tertiary assays. Molecular clones spanning about 37 kb of human sequence were isolated from tertiary transformant DNA. Blot hybridization indicated that the transforming gene consisted of two segments that were unlinked in both normal human and primary lymphoma DNAs. The two segments of human DNA were cotranscribed in transformed NIH cells but not in any human cells examined. The transforming gene thus appeared to be activated by recombination between two unlinked human DNA segments, possibly by cointegration during transfection.

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