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Biochim Biophys Acta. 1985 Aug 16;841(2):223-7.

Effect of physical training on glucose transporters in fat cell fractions.


Physical training increases maximally insulin-stimulated glucose assimilation and 3-O-methylglucose transport in epididymal fat cells. In the present report, glucose-inhibitable cytochalasin B binding in subcellular fractions of epididymal adipocytes was measured to assess changes in number of glucose transporters induced by training. Groups of rats trained by swimming were compared to control groups of the same age, matched with respect to body weight by restricted feeding. It was found that in trained rats the number of glucose transporters in the low density microsome fractions from non-insulin-stimulated fat cells was larger than in untrained rats. In both groups of rats, insulin stimulation of adipocytes decreased the number of glucose transporters in low-density microsomes by about 60% and increased the number of glucose transporters in the plasma membrane fractions. The number of glucose transporters in the plasma membrane fractions from maximally insulin-stimulated fat cells was larger in trained rats than in control rats. [U-14C]Glucose incorporation into lipids varied in proportion to plasma membrane cytochalasin B binding per cell under all conditions tested. The results explain the enhancing effect of training on insulin responsiveness transport of hexose in fat cells.

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