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Eur J Pharmacol. 1985 Apr 16;110(3):317-22.

Profile of activity of kappa receptor agonists in the rabbit vas deferens.


The purpose of this study was to investigate further the kappa opioid receptor selectivity of the field-stimulated isolated rabbit vas deferens preparation and to study the profile of a series of kappa agonists in this tissue. Agonists acting at mu, delta and sigma receptors were without detectable effect in the rabbit vas deferens. But a number of kappa agonists, including bremazocine, tifluadom, ethylketocyclazocine, ketocyclazocine, U-50,488 and Win 42,610 all depressed contractions, producing parallel dose-response curves. Mr 2034 generally produced a shallower dose-response curve and achieved a lower maximum effect, thus acting like a partial agonist. The effect of ethylketocyclazocine was not reduced by the irreversible mu antagonist, beta-funaltrexamine, confirming that it is not acting via mu receptors. Another group of drugs, including nalorphine, butorphanol and proxorphan, which produce an agonist action via kappa receptors in the guinea-pig ileum and mouse vas deferens, were antagonists in the rabbit vas deferens, suggesting that this tissue will only respond to high efficacy kappa agonists.

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