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Plasmid. 1985 Mar;13(2):88-98.

Identification of an Rts1 DNA fragment conferring temperature-dependent instability to vector plasmids.


The multiphenotypic drug resistance factor Rts1 expresses a temperature-dependent instability characteristic. This plasmid was digested with the restriction enzyme BamHI. A DNA fragment with a molecular weight of 5.6 MDa (the H fragment) was inserted into plasmid pBR322 (pFK896) or into pSC105 (pYH156) at the BamHI site. These plasmids were unstable at 42 degrees C but stable at 32 degrees C. A restriction-enzyme map of the H fragment was constructed and the instability phenotype (Tdi) was localized to a DNA fragment with 0.5 MDa molecular weight. The temperature-dependent loss of the unstable plasmid pFK896 is abrupt and no gradual plasmid loss of this multicopy recombinant plasmid is observed. The possibility that the Tdi phenotype is due to overgrowth of R- cells was eliminated.

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