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Clin Pharmacol Drug Dev. 2019 Apr;8(3):395-403. doi: 10.1002/cpdd.583. Epub 2018 Jun 5.

Phase 1 Study of the Pharmacology of BTI320 Before High-Glycemic Meals.

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Target Health Inc, New York, NY, USA.
Boston Therapeutics Inc, Lawrence, MA, USA.
Sugardown Co, Ltd, and Advance Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd, Tai Po, Hong Kong.


BTI320 is a proprietary fractionated mannan polysaccharide being studied for attenuation of postprandial glucose excursion. The apparent blood glucose-lowering effect of this compound is effective in lowering postprandial hyperinsulinemia, participating in the metabolic regulation of other lipid molecules; the consequence of this activity is yet to be validated with BTI320 with respect to the risk of cardiovascular disease. The primary objective of the study was to determine the postprandial glucose and insulin responses to 3 test meals containing rice alone or consumed with BTI320 (study A) or 3 test meals (SpriteTM ) alone or consumed with BTI320 (study B). Twenty overweight but otherwise healthy volunteers, 4 female and 6 male (mean age 29 years, BMI 27-28 kg/m2 ) in study A and 6 female and 4 male (mean age 32 years, BMI 25-32 kg/m2 ) in study B participated in the BTI320 evaluations. Standardized postprandial response methodology was utilized. In study A the addition of 6- and 12-g BTI320 tablets reduced postprandial glucose responses to white rice by 19% and 32% and reduced postprandial insulin responses by 16% and 24%, respectively (P ≤ .05). In study B 2.6 and 5.2 g BTI320 reduced the glycemic index by 10% and 14%, respectively, and led to 14% and 18% decreases in the insulinemic index of the soft drink (P ≤ .05). These 2 studies demonstrated that the consumption of BTI320 before carbohydrate food or sugary beverage significantly reduced postprandial glucose levels and insulin responses to that meal or beverage in a dose-dependent manner.


BTI320; glycemia; insulinemia; obesity; postprandial

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