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FEBS Lett. 1985 Jun 17;185(2):311-5.

The chromone inhibitor stigmatellin--binding to the ubiquinol oxidation center at the C-side of the mitochondrial membrane.


Stigmatellin, a chromone inhibitor acting at the Q0 center of the bc1 complex, binds to the heme b-566 domain of cytochrome b as well as to the Fe2S2 protein. Its binding induces a shift of the alpha-band of heme b-566 to 568 nm. It does not influence the ligand field of the heme b-562 center. Concomitant with the red shift, stigmatellin gives rise to an alteration of the EPR line shape of the Fe2S2 cluster, namely linewidth narrowing and g value shifts at all 3 principal values. The midpoint redox potential of the Fe2S2 protein is shifted from 290 to 540 mV.

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