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Exp Cell Res. 1985 May;158(1):1-14.

DNA topoisomerase I and II activities during cell proliferation and the cell cycle in cultured mouse embryo fibroblast (C3H 10T1/2) cells.


We have used C3H 10T1/2 cells to examine the regulation of topoisomerase activities during cell proliferation and the cell cycle. The specific activity of topoisomerase I was about 4-fold greater in proliferating (log phase) cells than in non-proliferating (confluent) cells. In synchronized cells, the bulk of the increased activity occurred during or just prior to S phase, depending upon the method of synchronization. A smaller increase in activity also occurred during G1 phase. The increase in activity during S phase was not altered by a hydroxyurea block at the G1/S phase boundary indicating that it is not directly coupled to DNA synthesis and is not the result of topoisomerase I gene dosage. The increase was inhibited by blocking cells at mid-G1 phase using isoleucine deprivation. Thus, the increase in activity during S phase is dependent on events occurring during mid- to late G1 phase. In contrast to the changes in topoisomerase I levels, the specific activity of topoisomerase II showed no detectable difference in proliferating vs non-proliferating cells. In addition, no detectable difference in topoisomerase II specific activity was seen in G1, S and M phases of the cell cycle. The differences in the activity profiles of the topoisomerases I and II during the cell cycle suggest that the two activities are regulated independently and may be required for different functions.

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