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Appl Environ Microbiol. 1985 Feb;49(2):453-5.

Modified membrane-filter procedure for concentration of enteroviruses from tap water.


Enteroviruses added to 114 liters of dechlorinated tap water were recovered in a 16-ml sample by a two-stage concentration procedure in which different types of membrane filters were used in each concentration stage. Viruses in tap water at pH 3.5 were first adsorbed to 10-in. (ca. 25.4-cm) epoxy-fiber glass filters (Filterite). Viruses adsorbed to these filters were eluted with a solution of 0.2 M sodium trichloroacetate buffered at pH 9 with 0.2 M lysine. Viruses in this solution were adsorbed to 47-mm asbestos filters (Seitz) without pH adjustment or other modification of the solution. Viruses were recovered from the Seitz filters with 16 ml of either Casitone or fetal calf serum at pH 9. With these procedures ca. 45% of several types of enteroviruses added to 114 liters of tap water could be recovered in the final 16-ml sample.

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