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Life Sci. 1985 Feb 25;36(8):713-21.

Different effects of serotonin antagonists on 3H-mianserin and 3H-ketanserin recognition sites.


In minces prepared from the frontal cortex of rats treated with ketanserin (10 mg/kg i.p.) or mianserin (5 mg/kg i.p.) twice daily for 21 days, the Vmax of the adenylate cyclase stimulated by NE (100 microM) is attenuated, suggesting that ketanserin and mianserin share with a number of antidepressants the ability to attenuate the adenylate cyclase stimulation by NE. Ketanserin, given with the above mentioned dose schedule for 7 consecutive days, reduced the Bmax of 5HT2 recognition sites but failed to change either the Bmax or the apparent Kd of H-mianserin binding. A significant decrease in the Bmax of 5HT2 binding sites is elicited also by a single injection of mianserin (1). This drug also down-regulates its own binding when given twice daily for 3 weeks. From this and other information (2,3), it is concluded that ketanserin and mianserin bind to distinct recognition sites. The possibility that 5HT2 and mianserin recognition sites are functionally related and that serotonergic synapses are modulated by multiple chemical signals might be considered.

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