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Folia Biol (Praha). 1988;34(1):23-34.

Monoclonal antibodies against human leucocyte antigens. II. Antibodies against CD45 (T200), CD3 (T3), CD43, CD10 (CALLA), transferrin receptor (T9), a novel broadly expressed 18-kDa antigen (MEM-43) and a novel antigen of restricted expression (MEM-74).

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Institute of Molecular Genetics, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Praha.


The specificities of several monoclonal antibodies described by us earlier were determined more exactly: (1) antibodies MEM-31 and MEM-32 are directed against CD8 and CD5 T cell antigens, respectively: (2) MEM-15 and MEM-18 react with the CD14 monocyte antigen; (3) MEM-28 recognizes the CD45 pan-leucocyte antigen. Several new monoclonal antibodies are described: (4) MEM-55 and MEM-58, reactive with subsets of CD45-related molecules; (5) MEM-43, recognizing a broadly expressed 18-kDa glycoprotein; (6) MEM-57, reacting with the CD3 antigen complex: (7) MEM-59 recognizing the CD43 leucocyte antigen; (8) MEM-74, which reacts with an unidentified antigen strongly expressed on several cell lines and many leukaemic cells but absent from most resting leucocytes; (9) MEM-75, directed against transferrin receptor, and (10) MEM-78, recognizing CD10 (CALLA) antigen.

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