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Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2018 Apr 23;19(S1):57-62.

Parental Alcohol Drinking Habit as a Predictor of Alcohol Use among Secondary School Students in Barbados

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Department of General Studies and Behavioural Sciences, University of the Commonwealth Caribbean, Kingston, Jamaica. Email:



In Barbados and the wider Caribbean region, alcohol is widely consumed by adolescents and young people, including those in secondary schools. The high prevalence of alcohol use, and its potential adverse effects are a source of concern to policy makers and the general population, which calls for better understanding of the drivers of this problem. This study thus aimed at investigating whether parental alcohol drinking habit is a predictor of alcohol use among secondary school students in the country.


The predictor variables and response variables in the study were categorical, and so descriptive, univariate analysis consisted of computation of frequencies and percentages. Bivariate analysis using Pearson’s Chi Square was done to test for significant differences in the response variables among groups. Logistic regression modeling was used in multivariate analysis to determine the predictor variables that were significantly associated with the response variables.


Significant associations were seen between students’ age, (P= 0.00), grade (P=0.00), fathers’ drinking habit (P=0.00), mothers’ drinking habit (P=0.00), and both past year and past month alcohol use, in bivariate analysis. Logit model shows that students whose fathers drink only on weekends, sometimes during the week, or every day, respectively, had significantly increased risk of alcohol use in the past month (AOR= 2.62, 95%CI= 1.81- 3.77; AOR= 1.85, 95%CI= 1.19- 2.85; AOR= 2.18, 95%CI= 1.49- 3.18). Students whose mothers drink only on special occasion had significantly higher risk of alcohol use in the past year and past month (AOR= 1.99, 95%CI= 1.06- 3.74; AOR= 2.30, 95%CI= 1.36- 3.89 respectively).


Having fathers who drink only on weekend, sometimes during the week and every day were significantly positively associated with alcohol use in the past month. Having mothers who drink only on special occasion was a risk factor for past year and past month alcohol use. However, having mothers who drin.


Parental drinking habits; parental alcohol use; adolescents’ alcohol use; students’ alcohol use; Barbados

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