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Zinc Deficiency.


Maxfield L1, Crane JS2.


StatPearls [Internet]. Treasure Island (FL): StatPearls Publishing; 2018-.
2018 Nov 11.

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Sampson Regional Medical Center
Sampson Regional Med Ctr / Campbell Univ


Zinc is an essential nutrient for humans and is extensively involved in protein, lipid, nucleic acid metabolism, and gene transcription. Its role within the human body is extensive in reproduction, immune function, wound repair, and on the microcellular level, macrophage, neutrophil, natural killer cell, and complement activity. Zinc is found in multiple food groups including meat, fish, legumes, and other dietary sources although absorption varies by substrate. Zinc deficiency can be inherited as absorption difficulties or can manifest from a decreased intake. Zinc deficiency is common worldwide, but mostly in developing countries. It presents with infectious, inflammatory, gastrointestinal, or cutaneous involvement. Treatment is largely through oral replacement usually resulting in quick clinical improvement.[1][2][3]

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