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Cell. 1987 Sep 11;50(6):901-8.

Cellular factors couple recombination with growth phase: characterization of a new component in the lambda site-specific recombination pathway.


Here we characterize FIS (factor for inversion stimulation), a new cellular component of the lambda site-specific recombination pathway. This host protein binds to a specific region in the lambda attP overlapping the Xis binding sites and can bind cooperatively with Xis to these sites. FIS stimulates lambda excision up to 20-fold in vitro in the presence of suboptimal Xis concentrations, but has no effect in the presence of saturating Xis; FIS has no effect on integrative recombination. FIS can replace one Xis molecule in a series of cooperative and competitive interactions but cannot carry out excision in the absence of Xis. FIS's role in the regulation of recombination has been inferred from in vivo modification of DNA. In exponentially growing cells the lambda FIS site is fully occupied, whereas in stationary-phase cells this binding site is vacant.

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