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J Infect. 1987 Mar;14(2):147-57.

Transient abrogation of immunosuppression in a patient with chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis following vaccination with Candida albicans.


A patient with long-standing chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis had reversed T helper/suppressor (TH/TS) cell ratios, hypergammaglobulinaemia E and serum inhibitors of lymphocyte transformation to mitogens and candida antigens. Following vaccination with whole heat-killed yeasts of Candida albicans, temporary clinical improvement coincided with the return of the TH/TS cell ratio to normal, reduction in concentration of IgE and reduced serum inhibitory activity to Concanavalin A and candida antigens. These changes were not permanent and 6 months after vaccination all indices had reverted to their pretreatment values. The production of antibody to a 47 kDa antigen of C. albicans has been shown to coincide with recovery from systemic disease. High concentrations of this antibody were demonstrated initially in the patient's serum and were unaffected by vaccination. If the 47 kDa antibody is protective, the results of this study suggest that separate immune responses may protect against mucocutaneous and systemic candidiasis and that defective immune responses against mucocutaneous disease need not imply lack of protection against systemic spread.

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