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Histochemistry. 1987;86(4):379-83.

The immunohistochemical location of cathepsin L in rabbit skeletal muscle. Evidence for a fibre type dependent distribution.


The immunohistochemical location of cathepsin L in rabbit soleus, plantaris and psoas muscles was investigated using the peroxidase-anti-peroxidase (PAP) technique. The amount of enzyme detected varied according to the fibre type, which were identified by histochemical staining of serial sections for succinate dehydrogenase and alkali-stable myosin ATPase. In the three muscles studied labelling was strongest in the highly oxidative fibres and weaker in the other fibre types with least staining in the fast white fibres. Immunoreactive cathepsin L appeared to be most concentrated at the periphery of muscle fibres, especially near to the nuclei, although some staining was seen throughout the fibres.

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