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Eur J Sport Sci. 2018 Jun;18(5):685-694. doi: 10.1080/17461391.2018.1442499. Epub 2018 Mar 1.

Effects of whey protein in carbohydrate-electrolyte drinks on post-exercise rehydration.

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a Youth Sport Research & Development Center , China Institute of Sport Science , Beijing , People's Republic of China.
b Department of Health and Physical Education , The Education University of Hong Kong , Tai Po , New Territories , Hong Kong.
c Department of Physical Education , Hong Kong Baptist University , Kowloon Tong , Kowloon , Hong Kong.
d Department of Sports Science and Physical Education , The Chinese University of Hong Kong , Shatin , New Territories , Hong Kong.


The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of different amounts of whey protein in carbohydrate-electrolyte (CE) drinks on post-exercise rehydration. Ten males completed 5 trials in a randomised cross-over design. A 4-h recovery was applied after a 60-min run at 65% VO2peak in each trial. During recovery, the participants ingested a high-carbohydrate CE drink (CE-H), a low-carbohydrate CE drink (CE-L), a high-whey-protein (33 g·L-1) CE drink (CW-H), a medium-whey-protein (22 g·L-1) CE drink (CW-M) or a low-whey-protein (15 g·L-1) CE drink (CW-L) in a volume equivalent to 150% of their body mass (BM) loss. The drinks were provided in six equal boluses and consumed by the participants within 150 min in each trial. After exercise, a BM loss of 2.15% ± 0.05% was achieved. Urine production was less in the CW-M and CW-H trials during recovery, which induced a greater fluid retention in the CW-M (51.0% ± 5.7%) and CW-H (55.4% ± 3.8%) trials than in any other trial (p < .05). The plasma albumin content was higher in the CW-H trial than in the CE-H and CE-L trials at 2 h (p < .05) and 3 h (p < .01) during recovery. The aldosterone concentration was lower in the CE-H trial than in the CW-M and CW-H trials after recovery (p < .05). It is concluded that the rehydration was improved when whey protein was co-ingested with CE drinks during a 4-h recovery after a 60-min run. However, this additive effect was only observed when whey protein concentration was at least 22 g·L-1 in the current study.


Whey protein; aldosterone; fluid retention; plasma albumin

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