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Biol Cell. 1986;56(1):49-55.

Surface Plasmodium sugar-binding components evidenced by fluorescent neoglycoproteins.


A sugar-binding component was shown to be present at the surface of endoerythrocytic Plasmodium berghei and P. chabaudi stages and merozoites by means of a panel of neoglycoproteins using fluorescence microscopy and flow cytofluorometry. The protein nature of this material was ascertained by the loss of sugar-binding capacity upon trypsin treatment. This lectin-like protein primarily bound neoglycoprotein-borne N-acetylglucosamine and secondarily bound neoglycoprotein-borne alpha-D-glucose, beta-D-galactose and alpha-L-fucose. These results suggest the presence of at least one type of lectin-like protein with an extended binding site accomodating several sugar units, and define its localization on the parasite surface.

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