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J Hum Kinet. 2017 Dec 28;60:133-143. doi: 10.1515/hukin-2017-0096. eCollection 2017 Dec.

Functional and Muscle-Size Effects of Flywheel Resistance Training with Eccentric-Overload in Professional Handball Players.

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Institute of Biomedicine (IBIOMED), University of León, León, Spain.
Department of Health Sciences, European University Miguel de Cervantes, Valladolid, Spain.


The aim of the study was to analyse the effects of 6 week (15 sessions) flywheel resistance training with eccentric-overload (FRTEO) on different functional and anatomical variables in professional handball players. Twenty-nine athletes were recruited and randomly divided into two groups. The experimental group (EXP, n = 15) carried out 15 sessions of FRTEO in the leg-press exercise, with 4 sets of 7 repetitions at a maximum-concentric effort. The control group (CON, n = 14) performed the same number of training sessions including 4 sets of 7 maximum repetitions (7RM) using a weight-stack leg-press machine. The results which were measured included maximal dynamic strength (1RM), muscle power at different submaximal loads (PO), vertical jump height (CMJ and SJ), 20 m sprint time (20 m), T-test time (T-test), and Vastus-Lateralis muscle (VL) thickness. The results of the EXP group showed a substantially better improvement (p < 0.05-0.001) in PO, CMJ, 20 m, T-test and VL, compared to the CON group. Moreover, athletes from the EXP group showed significant improvements concerning all the variables measured: 1RM (ES = 0.72), PO (ES = 0.42 - 0.83), CMJ (ES = 0.61), SJ (ES = 0.54), 20 m (ES = 1.45), T-test (ES = 1.44), and VL (ES = 0.63 - 1.64). Since handball requires repeated short, explosive effort such as accelerations and decelerations during sprints with changes of direction, these results suggest that FRTEO affects functional and anatomical changes in a way which improves performance in well-trained professional handball players.


hypertrophy; iso-inertial; muscle power; sport performance

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