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J Neurochem. 1985 Dec;45(6):1842-9.

Regulation of anterior pituitary D2 dopamine receptors by magnesium and sodium ions.


At D2 3,4-dihydroxyphenylethylamine (dopamine) receptors in anterior pituitary tissue, magnesium ions shifted receptors to agonist high-affinity states, but decreased the affinity of the antagonist [3H]spiperone. Conversely, sodium ions shifted the receptors to agonist low-affinity states, but increased the affinity of [3H]spiperone. Magnesium is proposed to stabilize the hormone-receptor-guanine nucleotide regulatory protein complex, whereas sodium appears to destabilize this ternary complex. Thus, magnesium and sodium appear to mediate their regulatory effects via a common component at the D2 dopamine-receptor ternary complex.

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