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Ukr Biochem J. 2016 Nov-Dec;88(6):70-5. doi: 10.15407/ubj88.06.070.

Functioning of nitric oxide cycle in gastric mucosa of rats under excessive combined intake of sodium nitrate and fluoride.


In the article the function of nitric oxide (·NO) cycle in rat’s gastric mucosa was assessed under excessive combined chronic fluoride and nitrate intake during 30 days. It was estimated that general nitric oxide synthase activity (NOS) was increased during excessive sodium fluoride intake meanwhile influence on gene­ral nitrate reduction was not statistically significant, but general nitrite reduction was increased. General arginase activity decreased. Excessive sodium nitrate intake decreased NOS activity, but increased nitrate, nitrite reduction and general arginase activity. Combined sodium nitrate and fluoride intake increased NOS by 18.9%, nitrate reduction by 71.7%, nitrite by 161.5%, arginase activity increase by 61.4%. The highest amounts of peroxynitrite were obtained from excessive sodium fluoride intake group, excessive sodium nitrate intake showed the lowest levels and combined excessive sodium nitrate and fluoride intake levels had intermediate results. Summarizing the data obtained, the authors have made a conclusion that combined excessive sodium nitrate and fluoride intake creates optimal conditions for functioning of nitrate-nitrite reductases.

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