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J Steroid Biochem. 1989 Jan;32(1A):13-20.

Estrogen effects on modifications of chromatin proteins in the rat uterus.

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Department of Biochemistry, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison 53706.


ADP-ribosylation and phosphorylation of chromatin proteins was studied in rat uterine nuclei isolated after estrogen treatment and then incubated with [adenylate-32P]NAD or [gamma-32P]ATP. Histone acetylation was studied in uteri from immature rats treated with estradiol by incubating the whole uterus in a medium containing [14C]acetic acid. Chromatin proteins were isolated from uterine nuclei and separated by electrophoresis on SDS polyacrylamide gels followed by autoradiography or fluorography. Chromatin proteins H1, H2B, H3, HMG 14 and HMG 17 were almost exclusively ADP-ribosylated. Uterine histones H1, H3, H4, HMG 14 and HMG 17 were phosphorylated. There was a general increase in [32P]ADP-ribose uptake in chromatin proteins after estrogen stimulation, whereas [32P]phosphate incorporation into chromatin proteins showed a biphasic pattern. The [14C]acetate activity associated with all histone proteins increased gradually after estrogen treatment.

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