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Microb Pathog. 1986 Apr;1(2):169-80.

Location of adhesion sites for P-fimbriated and for 075X-positive Escherichia coli in the human kidney.

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Department of General Microbiology, University of Helsinki, Finland.


High-affinity binding sites for P-fimbriated and for 075X-positive Escherichia coli were located in the human kidney. Frozen sections of normal human kidney were double-stained first with fluorochrome-labelled bacteria and then with fluorochrome-labelled nephron site-specific lectins or antibodies. The P-fimbriate recombinant E. coli strain used showed specific adherence to glomerular structures, to the lumen of proximal and sital tubules and to vascular endothelium but did not adhere to collecting ducts or to peritubular sites. Two E. coli strains having the 075X adhesin showed specific adherence to renal interstitium, to glomerular elements and to Bowman's capsule. The method described allows the detailed determination of tissue-substructure specificity of bacterial adhesion. Our results demonstrate tissue tropism in the adhesion of E. coli to human kidneys and suggest a pathogenetic role for X adhesins.

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