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Comp Biochem Physiol B. 1988;91(4):789-92.

Effects of varying doses of methionine sulfoximine on liver glutamine synthetase activity and time courses of blood and urinary nitrogenous compounds in the chicken (Gallus domesticus).

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Laboratory of Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Shinshu University, Nagano-ken, Japan.


1. The activity of liver glutamine synthetase was inhibited to 7-12% of the control activity by an intracardiac injection with methionine sulfoximine (MSM) at dosages of 20, 50, 75 and 100 mg/kg body wt. 2. Plasma glutamine concentrations in all the MSM treatments decreased sharply, then reached steady-state levels within 0.5-2.5 hr, which were almost proportional to a dose of MSM. 3. Blood ammonia concentration sharply increased to a steady-state level attained at 4.5 hr, which was proportional to a dose of MSM. The excretion rate of urinary ammonia augmented linearly up to the dose dependent maximum rates within 2-5 hr. 4. Plasma uric acid concentration dropped linearly by about 6.4 mg/100 ml at doses of 50, 75 and 100 mg MSM and by 3.7 mg/100 ml at a dose of 20 mg MSM within 2.5 hr, then recovered a little. 5. The decreases in excretion rates of urinary uric acid for the first 4 hr were almost the same at doses of 50 mg and larger, being twice as large as that of the control chicken. 6. Any doses of MSM affected neither the time course of excretion rate of total urinary nitrogen nor its total amounts for 7 hr after MSM treatment.

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